It happens: you are enjoying a beautiful vacation abroad, a lot of things to see and do and suddenly outside it’s pouring rain.

Not too bad if you are staying at Hotel Nazionale. The view from your room is still stunning and you would not mind a snuggle day in bed. Your kids though strongly disagree with your idea, so you better think about something fun to do at the Hotel!

1) Choose a game that doesn’t need any particular item, as guess the movie. You can use the pad of paper you can find on your table’s room provided by the Hotel Nazionale staff.



2) Be creative and make animals made of towels! The kids will have a great time helping you out while you make your favorite pet out of a simple object. Use the free Wi-Fi available everywhere at Hotel Nazionale and look at some videos online to get inspired. And maybe leave them like that while you leave, so you can give a smile to the chambermaid!


3) Have a treasure hunt at Bar Donatello! The prize is a tasty customized soft drink! Ask more to our staff!

4) Why don’t just chill in bed watching a movie together? In every room, there’s an HD TV with multi-lingual Sky Channels.

It can’t rain all the time! Remember also that Rome’s beauty is waiting for you even under your umbrella! The Eternal City has lots of child-friendly places, and tons of wonder to discover with your kids. So prepare your boots and go learn about the history of ancient Romans, gladiators and popes!

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