Easter time is perfect to visit Rome, for the climate starts being mild and Rome shines with its spring renewed beauty. Also, Easter is a religiously “strong” time for Rome and the pilgrims visiting the city. Traditionally, Easter Monday in Rome shouldn’t be spent at home: the Caffarella Park is a typical destination for picnics […]

[...] and outdoor fun, while tourists here love visiting the ancient Roman aqueducts, the Via Appia and the tombs of the Via Latina.

For music passionate about music the Music “Easter Festival” in the most important churches and basilicas of ‘Rome will offer visitors the opportunity to attend a event known around the world and also to visit the most important religious sites of the capital.

The visit at the Roman Capitol during Easter will give you the opportunity to visit the interesting exhibition “The Age of Anxiety” aiming to deepen the knowledge of a historical period of great change that marked the age between the reigns of Commodus (180-192 AD) and Diocletian (284-305 AD) in Rome.

Stay at Nazionale Hotel, in the very centre of Rome to live Rome at Easter at its best.

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