What could be better than a gelato on a hot summer day?

Here's a few of the best gelato shops in Rome:


The most famous gelateria is right around the corner: Giolitti, a historic gelato and pastry shop around since 1900. You can't miss it with its jumbo lettering. Order one of the plethora of flavors from its long counter, or sit at a table in the Liberty-style rooms and try one of their decadent gelato cups or gelato cakes. And keep an eye out... you might just catch a glimpse of loyal customers like Ben Stiller or Harvey Keitel!


La Palma is a traditional gelato shop that pleases every taste with its 150 flavors. Some of the best: Williams pear and mascarpone, or Cardinal's Cream, creamy with nougat balls, pistachio and meringue. Or how about a nice summery flavor that's good for you? Try lime: full of vitamin C with antioxidant properties.


Another gelateria not to be passed up is San Crispino, just before the Pantheon in Piazza della Maddalena. They use only fresh seasonal fruits, high quality ingredients and no dyes, preservatives, or artificial additives. It's been mentioned in the likes of the New York Times, Time Out, and the Gambero Rosso... Try the Gelato di San Crispino flavor — cream of Sardinian strawberry tree honey (from a WWF reserve) — or ginger and cinnamon. This is the place where Liz/Julia Roberts went the movie Eat Pray Love!


And we can't forget Venchi with its "CHOCO-GELATERIA". The famed Piedmont-born company has been making high quality chocolate since 1868 and has gelato shops throughout Italy. The shop in Rome is much admired, as you can see on the reviews on Tripadvisor.


Credits img: Yelp.it

A few minutes away, we have the much-vaunted "Frigidarium" near Piazza Navona. You can't miss it because of the crowd always thronging to it. What for? Just read some of the reviews on Tripadvisor and you'll see. The biggest sweettooths can opt to glaze their gelato with white or black chocolate!


"La Romana" has three gelato shops in Rome in different neighborhoods. Its gelato is made fresh every three hours and has no preservatives or additives, just old-fashioned genuine ingredients, like eggs, sugar, fresh cream, and organic milk.

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