Rome is as romantic as it gets. Couples of all ages from all over the world choose it for honeymoons and romantic getaways. Here are 7 romantic tips for Rome for lovebirds:

1) The Spanish Steps

One of the most famous spots in Rome, where everyone loves lounging on the steps of the freshly renovated square.

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2) Rome’s terraces

There’s nothing better than enjoying the splendor of Rome from on high, sitting on the edge of a wall, entwined with the person you love. Just head up up to one of Rome’s terraces, like the Janiculum or the Orange Garden.

3) Love locks

There was a long tradition — which started in Rome because of a movie and then spread to cities like Florence and Venice — of attaching a padlock with your initials to Ponte Milvio bridge and throwing the key in the river. The city banned the practice a few years ago, but you can still see them elsewhere.

4) Along the Tiber

What could be more romantic than strolling in the evening hand in hand along the Tiber? Cross Ponte Sant‘Angelo under the quiet gazes of the statues of the 10 angels and end up at St. Peter‘s Basilica. Or what about a boat tour on the river to admire Rome from a new perspective, bottom up.

5) Candlelight dinner in Trastevere

Dining in Trastevere is an unforgettable experience. When the weather is nice — which it is for many months here — tiny outdoor tables, with colorful tablecloths and small candles await you.

6) Boat trip

For the more adventuresome among you, we suggest renting a boat and taking a trip on the small lake in the garden of Villa Borghese, where there is also a magnificent Neoclassical Temple, as featured in the movie “To Rome with Love".

7) Trevi Fountain

And, not to be forgotten, there’s the Trevi Fountain, immortalized in La Dolce Vita. The custom is to throw a coin in the fountain if you hope to return to Rome. And then there are those who decide to make it the spot for the big proposal on one knee!

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