Zodiaco, Roma among the stars

January 16, 2020

The arch that separates the park of Monte Mario from Via Trionfale is always recognizable by the graffiti of some writer in the mood for passionate statements: "Sono qui per l’amore” (“I'm here for love"). How to deny it?

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Il Vicario Suite, the new apartment in the heart of Rome by Hotel Nazionale

October 29, 2019

Far from the traditional hotel concept, cozy like your own home...

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It’s almost Christmas! Start feeling festive visiting the Christmas markets in Rome

October 29, 2019

Here are some of the most renowned Christmas markets in Rome

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Autumn in Rome: take a walk in the park!

October 29, 2019

Parks are Rome’s green lungs: far from the noise of the city, free from pollution and a place of tranquility.

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Five things to do at Hotel Nazionale with your kids on a rainy day

September 23, 2019

It happens: you are enjoying a beautiful vacation abroad, a lot of things to see and do and suddenly outside it’s pouring rain.

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Four secret places in Rome you didn’t know about

August 28, 2019

With over 9 million tourists per year, Rome is one of the most visited cities in the world and therefore every part of it has been discovered: has it though?

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The cinematic past and present of Rome

January 09, 2019

Rome is spectacular at first sight: the eternal monuments, the picturesque maze of alleys and the
charming views make the Italian Capital city the perfect frame for a movie.

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A perfect Valentine’s Day in Rome

January 09, 2019

Valentine’s Day is around the corner. Why don’t you get ahead of time and surprise your fiance with a romantic gateway to Rome?

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7 Reasons why Rome is the perfect Christmas vacation

December 17, 2018

Rome is one of the most magical cities to celebrate Christmas holidays. From the Roman markets to the amazing light displays, you won’t be short of festive feelings in Rome this winter…

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Exhibitions and events in Rome in the autumn and winter months

September 02, 2018

October is here, autumn has arrived, and even though the days are still mild and sunny, every now and again a rain storm might strike. So... what should you do in Rome if it's raining?

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10 things not to miss if you've never been to Rome before

September 02, 2018

If it is the first time you are coming to Italy, and to Rome in particular, and you, unfortunately, only have a few days, you might have doubts about what you should make sure to see.

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6 Instagram accounts you must follow

August 07, 2018

In looking for beautiful pictures to post, we came across Igers of Rome, a fantastic group we had to tell you about. These are not celebrities or influencers, but we find their pictures beautiful, portraits of the many faces of Rome.

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Eating outdoors

July 21, 2018

One of the great delights of Rome is eating outdoors. We've imagined a perfect day in Rome with every dining experience open air. Let's see if we managed to find the tastiest spots in town for every time of day!

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July events in Rome

July 04, 2018

Here are a few tips about what's on in Rome in July.

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June events in Rome

June 01, 2018

June has come to Rome and everyone wants to spend all day and night outdoors.
Here are a few tips about what's shaking this summer in Rome.

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Foro Italico

June 01, 2018

In May, tennis fans the world over turn their eyes to the Foro Italico, a magnificent example of early 19th-century rationalist architecture.  The Foro is a special place and is worth getting to know both for its history and for the many cultural and sports events that take place there.

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Rome's neighborhood markets

April 27, 2018

Tourists strolling through Rome are often pleasantly surprised to run into small neighborhood markets. Even if you aren't looking to buy fruit and vegetables, they can be fun to visit. Many have fresh squeezed juice or some fast take-away meals.

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April 09, 2018

The small coastal town of Ostia makes the perfect day trip from Rome, it is close to Fiumicino (Leonardo da Vinci airport) and is a great place to visit if you have some time before a flight.

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March Events in Rome

March 20, 2018

In a March of ups and downs in the weather, we are finally nearing the season of warm weather full of hope for warmer, longer days (helped along by the Day Light Savings).

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Snow in Rome

March 12, 2018

A few days ago, Rome was the stage of a completely out-of-the-ordinary snowfall that transfigured the city.

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Monti neighbourhood

February 23, 2018

Right by the Colosseum, you can walk up to a neighborhood well worth exploring: Monti.

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The Vittoriano

February 12, 2018

The Vittoriano is among Rome's easiest-to-spot monuments. Built to commemorate the Unification of Italy and honor the first King of Italy, its architectural style draws on the great classical temples of antiquity.

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See the best of Rome in three days: Day three itinerary

February 01, 2018

Now that we've roamed around the hotel's area on foot, how about a one-day itinerary to discover Ancient Rome?

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See the best of Rome in three days: Day two itinerary

January 10, 2018

Now that we've roamed around the hotel's area on foot, from the Trevi Fountain to the Spanish Steps (the Day 1 itinerary), it's time to see more!

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Christmas is just around the corner

December 12, 2017

The countdown has begun: the city's lights are hung, the Christmas trees are up and decorated. 
This Christmas is all about "sustainability," as the mayor of Rome said on Facebook, as well as "simplicity and refinement."

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Christmas markets

December 01, 2017

Christmas is almost here, and with the first days of December come the first Christmas markets to Rome.

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November exhibitions

November 08, 2017

What's going on in Rome in November and December? here are a few not-to-miss exhibitions going on around town.

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Bernini vs Borromini

October 23, 2017

The Roman Baroque period revolves around three great artists who lived between the end of the 16th and 17th centuries: Caravaggio, Bernini, and Borromini...

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Trastevere and the Gianicolo

October 10, 2017

Here's a perfect walk to take through two of Rome's most beautiful neighborhoods: Trastevere and the Gianicolo.

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The Pyramid of Cestius

September 20, 2017

One of Rome's most uncommon monuments is in Piazzale Ostiense: the Pyramid of Caius Cestius, also known as the Pyramid of Cestius.

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Roman Forum

September 06, 2017

The Forum was the religious, political, and commercial center of Rome

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Itinerary: Rome in three days

August 23, 2017

If it's your first time in Rome, maybe you've already bought a new guide book, but you still might be a bit uncertain on how to plan your trip.

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In town in August

August 03, 2017

Up until a few years ago, Rome became a ghost town in August as all Italians went on vacation.

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Vacationing in Rome — Your shortlist of open-air tours

July 21, 2017

Rome is a huge city. Covering it all on foot would be exhausting, so think about using a bike to shorten the distances and the time it takes to see it.

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July nights in Rome

July 14, 2017

July has come to Rome and, now more than ever, everyone wants to spend all day and night outdoors.

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7 top spots for open-air evenings out in Rome

June 23, 2017

Outdoor terraces, bars, summer spaces... Seven ideas for how to enjoy your evenings outdoors, sipping drinks or having a bite in the world's most beautiful city!

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Roman Summer

June 08, 2017

What's going on in Rome in the summer? When you're done with the museums and monuments, here are a few not-to-miss events going on around town. Lots of them are even free!

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Rome's parks

May 25, 2017

Rome is much more than just its history, art, and museums...it is also green spaces and gardens.

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Ten best blogs about Rome

May 08, 2017

One way to get to know Rome better is to read some of the many blogs full of posts all about it every day.

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Caravaggio in Rome

April 24, 2017

Among the many great Italian artists whose work you can admire in Rome is Michelangelo Merisi, known as Caravaggio, who lived in the late 16th century and early 17th century.

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Trip out of Rome

April 07, 2017

As the weather turns nice, the fancy might grab you to get out of Rome and take a classic trip out of town — or outside of the city gates as they say in Italian — to explore the surroundings and its villages, history, and nature.

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Vatican City

March 20, 2017

Vatican City is a State within a State. Get the scoop on what to see here and how to best organize a one-day visit.

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The Ghetto

March 08, 2017

The Ghetto is the center point of Rome’s Jewish community. In 1555, Pope Paul IV forced Rome’s Jews to live inside the walls of the ghetto, with two doors, which were closed at sunset and reopened in the morning.

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Obelisks in Rome

February 21, 2017

Rome has more obelisks than anywhere in the world outside of Egypt.

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February in Rome

January 31, 2017

For those of you planning a visit to Rome, here are a few goings on in the capital in February.

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The Colosseum

January 16, 2017

Despite its fame, there are many little-known anecdotes and interesting facts about the Colosseum.

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Christmas in Rome

December 05, 2016

December is upon us and it's time to starting thinking about Christmas already!

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The Pantheon

November 23, 2016

The Pantheon — one of the most famous monuments anywhere in Rome — is unlike any structure in the world because of its circular shape.

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Two destinations for shopping addicts right by our hotel

November 02, 2016

We've already told you about the fashion district stretching from Via del Corso to Piazza di Spagna — pure heaven for fans of top labels.

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Things to do in Rome this weekend (31 October - 1 November)

October 24, 2016

November 1 is All Saint’s Day, a holiday in Italy, and so the last weekend of October marks not only Halloween, but the perfect chance for many to take a little vacation. And four days are perfect for visiting a city like Rome.

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7 romantic tips for Rome for lovebirds

September 29, 2016

Rome is as romantic as it gets. Couples of all ages from all over the world choose it for honeymoons and romantic getaways. Here are 7 romantic tips for Rome for lovebirds:

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Rome's shopping streets

September 15, 2016

Rome is more than a beautiful bundle of museums, art, and monuments — it is also a shopping paradise. The best Italian and international designers are all found here.

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September events in Rome

September 01, 2016

As summer ends, Rome fills back up and comes back to life. In anticipation of major exhibitions this fall, here are a few nice goings on about town.

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Rome in the movies

August 24, 2016

Rome has been the set chosen for hundreds of films, Italian and foreign alike.

Here are just a few sites from some great films, with special attention to those closest to our hotel.

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Best gelato shops in Rome

August 10, 2016

What could be better than a gelato on a hot summer day?

Here's a few of the best gelato shops in Rome:

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August in Rome

August 03, 2016

August in Italy means time for vacation. Many businesses close, the city empties out, and most Italians hit the road for a vacation. As luck would have it for tourists, a lot of shops and businesses stay open all month long. At the end of the day, it can actually be a lovely month to visit Rome to get a bit of peace and quiet!

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Fountains of Rome

July 20, 2016

Ancient Romans had the wherewithal to build aqueducts hundreds of kilometers long, funneling water from their sources to the cities of the Roman Empire and flowing it into basins, fountains, and baths. Today in Rome there are more than 2,000 fountains of every imaginable shape and size. Over the centuries, some of these were rendered true masterpieces by the likes of Bernini, a 17th-century multifaceted artist.

Here are some of the most important, finest fountains of Rome.

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3 Must-Try Roman Trattorias

July 18, 2016

Roman cuisine is famous the world over for a few of its dishes, such as carbonara or amatriciana, which are nowadays considered simply Italian cuisine. You can’t vacation in Rome without having dinner in an authentic Roman trattoria. In addition to the culinary experience, Roman evenings are enjoyable, filled with a lively and informal atmosphere where the caciara reigns. We’ve selected a few typical Roman trattorias in different areas of the capital that, in our opinion, deserve a stop. We’ll post them a few at a time here on the blog. Here are the first three! Buon appetito!

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July events in Rome

July 04, 2016

Beautiful summer weather has at least come again to Rome.
So what's going on in July in the Eternal City? Here are a couple ideas on how to spend your Roman days and nights.[...]

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Easter in Rome

March 02, 2016

Easter time is perfect to visit Rome, for the climate starts being mild and Rome shines with its spring renewed beauty. Also, Easter is a religiously “strong” time for Rome and the pilgrims visiting the city. Traditionally, Easter Monday in Rome shouldn’t be spent at home: the Caffarella Park is a typical destination for picnics […]

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