In the historical center of Rome the Nazionale's Conference Center is a unique structure for its logistical qualities, functional aspects, variety and the historical-artistic prestige of the environment.

Modular and elegant conference facilities only a short walk away from the Spanish Steps, the Pantheon, the Trevi Fountain and Piazza Navona.

A multi-purpose congress center in the capital's political and cultural hub, facing the vast Piazza Montecitorio the most photographed and filmed square in Italy, tucked away in a corner of Rome where, unusually for a large metropolis, silence reigns.

With three independent halls it can take from 30 to 110 people thanks to its modular system. Our Conference Center replies to the most diverse needs, from meetings to cultural events.

The main halls are the Capranichetta (110 seats), with an independent entrance in Piazza Montecitorio; the Cristallo Hall (60 seats) and the Cobalto Hall (40 seats) inside the Hotel Nazionale.


Dimensions: 20 x 4,3 mt (123 mq)

  • Theatre: 110 seats
  • Classroom: 90 seats
  • Boardroom: 45 seats
  • U shape: 45 seats
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Designed to offer a cozy, comfortable, and elegant environment.

Up to 110 people.


Dimensions: 10 x 5,3 mt (80 mq)

  • Theatre: 60 seats
  • Classroom: 30 seats
  • Boardroom: 24 seats
  • U shape: 24 seats
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Ideal space for press-conferences, meetings and presentations.

Up to 60 people.


Dimensions: 7,6 x 6 mt (48 mq)

  • Theatre: 40 seats
  • Classroom: 30 seats
  • Boardroom: 24 seats
  • U shape: 24 seats
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Particularly suitable for study seminars or training courses.

Up to 40 people.